Benenson Capital Partners has built a diversified global portfolio of Class A single and multi-tenant properties in prime locations including the following property types/asset classes: multi-family, office, retail, industrial and single family residential. All single-tenant properties share a series of vital investment characteristics including strong demographic locations, nationally or regionally significant tenants and long-term, triple-net leases. Additionally, single-tenant leases may be structured through the use of several alternative strategies including sale-leasebacks and build-to-suit cases. In viewing tenants as long-term strategic partners, every transaction is customized to further the financial benefit and operational ease of both parties, including build-to-suit situations. Multi-tenant properties all enjoy high levels of occupancy with a tenant roster which includes various credit tenants and leases poised for significant income appreciation upon expiration. Acquisitions can be transacted with or without leverage and are often sourced through Benenson Capital Partners uncommon, non-traditional and off-market deal flow.


Benenson Capital Partners has extensive experience developing real estate in every major property sector including office buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities, single and multi-family residential properties. The BCP team is skilled in all phases of the development process from land acquisition and zoning to construction management and marketing. Given the portfolio's diversification both nationally and internationally, BCP has developed an extensive network of experienced local partners whose integrity and track record have consistently delivered quality properties and significant returns.

Central to the firm's success is its expert judgment in determining which of its current assets would most benefit from adaptive redevelopment and repositioning. Although the intrinsic value of attractive real estate is rarely diminished by time, the enrichment of existing assets whose archaic designs may qualify them as a candidate for substantial redevelopment, enhances the value of a given property and in turn satisfies the evolutionary needs of its end user(s). BCP has enjoyed great success in not only auspiciously repositioning these assets, but also in consistently fulfilling developmental objectives relating to economic and timing constraints.


Benenson Capital Partners crafts innovative financial structures through the utilization of its own capital in conjunction with that of pension funds, insurance companies, commercial and investment banks. Based on feasibility analyses and economic models as well as fixed and floating rate debt enables BCP's financing team to obtain the lowest cost of capital at the most favorable terms while managing interest rate risk. Working closely with internal acquisitions and development staff, the BCP financing team arranges joint ventures, refinancings and construction, permanent, interim and bridge loans.


With a hands-on approach, BCP focuses on leasing and re-leasing, moderating expenses, developing both operational and marketing strategies to increase revenues, reduce expenses and improve cash flow. At optimal points during the investment life cycle, dispositions are made to realize value.

The firm's strategy for superior asset management is rooted in three basic principles:

. Tenant satisfaction

Treat all tenants respectfully and respond to their needs and concerns with the highest quality service and communication.

. Maintenance

A good offense is the best defense - we systematically maintain buildings and grounds to keep properties in peak condition.

. Mutual rewards

Support tenant growth so that their environments are better places to work and live.


The Company also manages a portfolio of financial assets including domestic and international equities, fixed income securities, as well as investments in private equity funds and hedge funds, and direct investments in small companies.